“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
– Audre Lord

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Our Board of directors

Fadwah Al-Shaer Khawjah

Head of Board

 Ms. Fadwa Khawaja, is an active member of the Anti-Corruption Committee and the head of the board of the Jerusalem Center for Women.  As a social and political activist with over 30 years of experience in the Palestinian development sector, Fadwa has contributed development of several women and social associations and attended several national and international conferences related to this sector. Her political career extends over 20 years being a member of the PLC and an active member in the national committee to advocate UN resolution 1325 while taking part in the Oslo peace process. Her previous positions were Head of the International Relations Department in the Higher Council for Youth and Sports, prior she was a General Director of Non-Governmental Organizations & Public Affairs at the Ministry of Interior for eight years. She has a Master’s Degree in International Studies and a Bachelor Degree in Middle Eastern Studies & Political Science both from Birzeit University.

Professional Experience

  • Orient house: Head of Documentation and Information Center. (1985 – 1994)
  • Coordinator for foreign NGOs– Jerusalem.
  • Member of   Multi-Sector Review (MSR) Project in Jerusalem
  • Jerusalem representative for the ICCP
  • Head of project committee for the Palestinian microfinance project –Jerusalem
  • (Oslo) peace agreement Technical Committees coordinator. 1994-2000
  • General Director of the non-governmental organizations and Public Affairs / Ministry of Interior. (2004-2012)
  • Director General of Administrative and Financial Affairs at the Palestinian higher council for youth and sports /2012
  • Head of General administration for International relations at the higher council for youth and sports .2013-2014
  • Policy Consultant in the anti-corruption committee 2014 till now.

Sally Shami

Board Memeber

“The rise of our women is the rise of our nation”
Mrs. Sally Shami is the Branch Manager and Country Representative at Challenge to Change Swiss Foundation. She earned a Bachelor of Media and Political Science from Birzeit University and a Master’s in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a member of the Advisory Board of L.E.O Foundation that supports Palestinian student’s studying abroad. She is passionate about education and community building and enjoys working directly with women because she believes that the rise of women is the rise of the nation. Shami brings to the Board proposal writing expertise with a deep understanding of Palestinian women needs and challenges. She can be contacted at sallymshami@gmail.com

“صعود نسائنا هو صعود أمتنا”
السيدة سالي شامي هي مديرة الفرع والممثلة القطرية لمؤسسة التحدي من أجل التغيير . حصلت على درجة البكالوريوس في الإعلام والعلوم السياسية من جامعة بيرزيت ودرجة الماجستير في الإدارة غير الربحية والقيادة من الجامعة العبرية في القدس. وهي عضو في المجلس الاستشاري لمؤسسة L.E.O لدعم الطلاب الفلسطينيين الذين يدرسون في الخارج. هي شغوفة بقضايا التعليم وبناء المجتمعات وتستمتع بالعمل مباشرة مع النساء لأيمانها أن صعود المرأة هو صعود للأمة. تقدم شامي إلى المجلس مقترحاً لكتابة الخبرات من خلال فهم عميق لاحتياجات وتحديات المرأة الفلسطينية. يمكن الاتصال بها على sallymshami@gmail.com

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