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Ponza Prima

in light of the Italian ALF Head of Network RIDE APS’ expertise in the field of intercultural cooperation and dialogue, the project aims at the production of knowledge at the Euro-Med level in an attempt to widely share its by-product, building and promoting channels providing access to almost every social strata. Our goal is to raise the level of awareness of the general public, fostering youth advocacy on environmental protection. In concrete, our initiative is a research and innovation oriented one, pointing at the detection of on-going best-practices (rooted in the national traditions of the parties involved) in the agri-food sector, based on the principles of circular economy, and their replication (on the other parties’ soil).
The project will be implemented in 5 steps. Each step represents a specific activity in which the project has been sub-divided. They are: first: project management, second: capitalization and visibility, third: creation of the working groups, fourth: replicability of best practices, and fifth: monitoring and evaluation of project results. The project approximate duration is 11 months. The main target groups are: formal and non- formal educators, youth organisations and cultural sector; civil society organisations within and outside the ALF national membership; and local stakeholders dealing with issues of water management and sustainable agriculture.

The overall aim of the project is to facilitate the sharing and access to intercultural resources and experiences across the EuroMediterranean region through civil society multipliers, in order to promote the transfer of know-how and competences. We point at empowering ALF network members to work on intercultural dialogue through collaboration and exchange of good practices at the regional or sub-regional level among member and non-member organisations.

Specific Objective

1-) Creation of agri-food knowledge compatible with local communities history and geo-spatial Predisposition.

The creation of a project brand and identity. The selection and promotion of at least 3 best practices that can be easily carried out in the Mediterranean region in the following areas: circular water management, agro-food, and farming.

2-) Increasing environmental conscience and reduce the environmental impact of the communities involved.

Brokerage events to promote the replication of the best practices in other Med areas and actual improvement of their general environmental impact and condition. Fundamental attention will be dedicated to the binomial Environment-Public Health.