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The Visual Arts Forum (VAF) Launches Art-Based Support Program Amidst Crisis

Amidst the ongoing challenges faced by the Palestinian community, particularly the dire situation in Gaza and its traumatizing psychological aftermath on individuals and families, the visual Arts Forum as a cultural institution specialized in visual arts has taken proactive steps to provide support. Recognizing the urgent need for psychological and social support, especially amidst prevalent negative social and psychological conditions, the institution has initiated immediate interventions with Children, youth and adults.

The inhumane conditions experienced by Palestinians in Gaza and the daily illegal assaults in the West Bank, have profound psychological effects on students in schools, reflecting negatively on their wellbeing and their families. In response, VAF has communicated with a range of schools upon coordination with the Ministry of Education, to provide psychosocial sessions to children in public schools based in Ramallah and Al Biereh district. To date, more than 35 sessions have been conducted at 18 schools, in which more than 600 students benefited from the program, aiming to help them overcome these challenges and alleviate their psychological burdens.

However, the support extends beyond school students, reaching out to individuals facing psychological crises, including mothers accompanying their children in hospitals, as well as families who’ve lost a member or more of their families living in Gaza. Additionally, support has been offered to Gaza workers stranded in the West Bank, awaiting their return home in the hope of reuniting with their families and children, where around 200 individuals benefited from this initiative.

The program's objective is to provide a space for expression and emotional release, equipping participants with skills to navigate their lives through arts as a powerful tool for expression and change. In the face of adversity, this initiative exemplifies solidarity and support for our community members, underscoring the power of art in promoting resilience and healing amidst crisis.

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