Jerusalem Center for Women

Bizer Batteekh: Artist Accelerator

Bizer Bateekh (Watermelon Seeds) is Sabreen's inaugural project under the Jerusalem Art and Production Consortium- Preserving Palestinian Culture Together (ASAS) funded by the European Union. After an open call, our jury carefully selected five talented Jerusalemite artists to produce a unique song and visualizer for each participant.
The audio-visual productions involved many local Palestinian collaborators including producers, musicians, videographers, and fashion designers as well as global producers and musicians. Through the visuals, it was crucial to highlight the local talent present in the Palestinian production industry. Sabreen also provided comprehensive mentorship in music business education and branding. Song distribution through Sabreen Association for the five artists will be under Levantine Music, an indie music publisher and label servicing the Middle East and North Africa.
The activity included many entertainment segments, including face painting and drawing on faces, papers, water games, children’s stories, puzzles, and competitions. At the end of the activity, the center distributed valuable gifts to the children.
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