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Jabal an Nar Club Launched 'Rowadona' Program in the Northern West Bank Cities

ALF network member, Jabal an Nar Club has launched a unique program called "Rowadna-Our Pioneers" across several cities in the Northern West Bank, including Nablus, Tulkarm, Qalqilya, and Tubas. This unique intervention, which involved the participation of 100 young individuals aged 13 to 15, is designed to foster social entrepreneurship and expand intellectual horizons among the youth. It aimed to empower these young minds with innovative and critical thinking skills, molding them into future leaders.
The program has been spanned for four stages, running from March to August. It commenced with a foundational phase focusing on entrepreneurial concepts. Subsequently, participants engaged in the creative and design thinking stage. The program then moved on to a hackathon phase where ideas for entrepreneurial and community initiatives were generated. It concluded with the selection and execution of a winning initiative across the four regions.
The program culminated with a closing ceremony and the honoring of the participants. It's worth noting that this initiative is part of the Positive Youth Engagement Project (PYE), implemented by the Mercy Corps organization and funded by the USAID.
Over the years, Jabal an Nar Club has distinguished itself by working with youth in various fields in the Northern West Bank, including entrepreneurship, civic engagement, economic empowerment, media, and information technology.

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