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Al-Qamar Charity Association forms the Jericho Youth Council for Accountability

Al-Qamar Charity Association launched its own youth council, which specializes in the field of accountability. They are a youth group that was trained and built their capabilities through intensive and specialized training. The council formed the launch of youth work in Jericho and the Jordan Valley governorate with the aim of achieving growth and prosperity for the city and conveying the voice of youth to deal with all the challenges facing Jericho. The Council’s mission is to provide an inspiring model for young people to activate their role, enhance their positive participation, and assume responsibility by working with Jericho institutions (official, civil society, and private sector) .

Organizational structure of the council

A general body consisting of 35 young men and women

A board of directors consisting of 9 young men and women.

For more information please visit: FB/alqamarjericho

Strategic goals

The first goal:

Contribute to improving the quality of services (hygiene, water, roads,...) provided by institutions to citizens through accountability during the year 2024.

1.1 Preparing a current reality report
1.2 Visits to institutions concerned with the issues
1.3 Implement accountability sessions
1.4 Networking with local media

The second goal:

Contribute to activating the societal leadership role and volunteer work for adolescents and youth to implement activities and initiatives related to general societal issues in 2024.

2.1 Visiting schools, universities and community institutions.
2.2 Implementing activities related to national and religious events.
2.3 Design initiatives implemented by youth.
2.4 Holding training and workshops.
2.5 Implement pressure and advocacy campaigns.
2.6 Carrying out volunteer work.

Third goal:

Institutionalizing the work of the Youth Council through building the institutional and individual capacities of the Youth Council

3.1 Visiting institutions in other governorates
3.2 Making a local radio station
3.3 Networking with funders (international institutions, private sector)
3.4 Establishing an internal system
3.5 Design a website and social media pages (ads)
3.6 Develop a brochure about the Youth Council
3.7 Logo work
3.8 Networking with community institutions
3.9 Implementing activities, courses and workshops introducing the Youth Council
3.10 Assess the training needs of members and organize a series of training

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