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A non-governmental organization, founded in 1994 and located in East Jerusalem. The center aims to empower Palestinian women and enhance their capabilities for them to become active members and resilient of changes within their community. The Jerusalem Center for Women wishes to do so by spreading the culture of human rights, gender equality and acceptance of the other, in order to ensure the realization of Jerusalemite women's rights and enhance their role in the social and economic fields. and the establishment of local and international networks supporting JCW in achieving its goals. The JCW also works on raising awareness at the local and international levels of the human rights violations committed by the Israeli occupation forces against all Palestinians. It aims to highlight the consequences of the occupation's use of military force and security restrictions, main reason for the lack of security and safety among women. Still, the center believes in the importance of women’s involvement in realizing a regional peace based on justice, and through the establishment of local and international networks supporting JCW in achieving its goals As such, the Jerusalem for Women stresses the necessity of networking and strengthening partnerships with local, regional and international institutions and with the private sector, in order to better implement pilot projects and achieve greater impact, gender equality, and long-term sustainability in Palestine.

The center’s organizers believe that empowering women and educating them about the necessity of their participation in maintaining a healthy environment in their surroundings through what is available in their hands from the daily consumption of food, whether food or consumer waste, contributes to building a healthy and healthy society. Within the 2019 strategic plan, the Jerusalem Center for Women is working on several development projects in the field of environmental development and recycling, and the bread recycling project is among these projects. The Jerusalem Women's Center is the leading and main outlet for the bread recycling project. The project will be implemented in cooperation with the Golden Wheat Mills Company and the Joint Services Council for Solid Waste Management


The Jerusalem Center for Women aims to empower marginalized women in Jerusalem. Our mission is to create a community of Palestinian women who are resilient change makers, by providing them with the needed resources to develop their own potential, and that of their families and communities as well.


We envision an empowered Palestinian society where women are standing strong and united side alongside men, able to develop their potentials and contribute to a free and egalitarian Palestinian society.


To protect Palestinian women’s rights and status.

To empower Palestinian women and enhance their participation in community activism and politics.

To strengthen the role of women and youth to become positive change makers.

Board of Director

Fadwah Khawjah

Head of Board

As a social and political activist with over 30 years of experience in the Palestinian development sector, Fadwa has contributed development of several women and social associations and attended several national and international conferences related to this sector. Read More

Samia Elwazer

Board Memeber

Mrs. Samia Elwazer MBA in Public Governance - Thesis about ” the Role of Palestinian women in enhancing the civil society” Worked at Bank of Palestine, Palestine Olympic Committee, Public Relations, Event planner Member in several organizations Read More

Nivine Sandouka

Board Memeber

is an activist aspiring to achieve social justice, peace and gender equity. She is an expert in the field of program development, management, peace building and gender issues. Currently, she works with the German Association for Development Cooperation – AGIAMONDO Read More

Amaal Abu Ghoush

Board Memeber

An architect and urban planner from East Jerusalem; she received her bachelor’s in architecture and master’s in urban planning from Birzeit University in Ramallah, Palestine. Amaal is currently teaches the architectural department at Al Quds University Read More

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